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I was in your EXACT same position only a few short years ago...

I'M cassidy, A beauty entrepreneur & your new biz mentor

and i want to teach you everything i've learned

Eight years ago I dove head first into a career as a Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur and never looked back. I have had the opportunity to travel the world working destination weddings, to grow a team of over 20 artists, to open my own storefront studio and have found myself on "30 Under 30" lists and the recipient of several prestigious business awards.

I learned everything about business the hard way and now my mission is to bring what I've learned on my own to fellow beauty entrepreneurs looking to up level their lives and take their careers to new heights.

"Cassidy, Breanne + Mia are amazing teachers and supporters. I am very excited for my career in Bridal Hairstyling, and I know that I’ll succeed with the lessons and information they have given to me!"

Liz, cwac academy graduate

hair and makeup education for working artists

you've come to the right place if you're looking to learn from the industry's leading hair and makeup artists

CWAC Academy is a hair and makeup academy where our students learn directly from working hair and makeup artists! We bring our students current & relevant education based on real-time trends and product releases to ensure you are always on the cutting edge of the bridal and beauty industries.

8 years

as an award winning hair and makeup team


students graduated from our courses 


artistry & business awards and counting

award winning hair and makeup artist specializing in luxury destination weddings

Mia is an award-winning luxury hair and makeup artist and artist educator on team CWAC. She has been in the industry for over 12 years and in that time has had the opportunity to travel the world for destination weddings, has won multiple awards for her artistry and has had the pleasure of training and mentoring dozens of artists looking to begin their makeup careers. Mia is passionate about artistry elevation and loves showing her students new ways to thrive within their careers.

meet your educators

mia johnson

luxury bridal hairstylist specializing in efficient styling & destination weddings

Breanne is an award-winning luxury hair and makeup artist and stylist educator on team CWAC. She has been in the industry for over 10 years and has spent that time mastering the art of efficient styling while working all over the world with her luxury clients. Breanne has mentored and taught dozens of students who have gone on to achieve incredible things within their careers. Breanne is passionate about teaching her students how to build their dream career with her hairstyling technqiues.


award winning hair and makeup artist, six-figure beauty business owner

Cassidy is an award winning luxury hair and makeup artist and the owner of CWAC. Cassidy is a self-taught makeup artist and entrepreneur who specializes in luxury brides and destination weddings. She is a recipient of "BC Business's 30 Under 30" Award for her dedication to her business. Cassidy is passionate about showing other artists that a successful career in the beauty industry is possible. Cassidy has mentored several students to success in business through her business tips and entrepreneurial consulting services. 



CWAC's niche is luxury. Whether it be glamming a bride at a luxe ceremony in Italy or going above and beyond for our clients, CWAC is luxury and we show our students how to bring luxury to their businesses, too.

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Luxury services & luxury clients


We are proud to be a comprehensive academy that provides educational resrouces for artists of ALL skill levels! From zero experience to master artist we have educational content for you.

Education for all skill levels

CWAC is known for providing 5 star customer service and we teach our students exactly how we attract and retain our luxury clients. We strongly believe that artistry is only one piece of being successful in the beauty industry and have made it our mission to make beauty industry specific business education accessible to our students. 

Business Education

We know this career path can be lonely!
That's why we create community & offer ongoing support to our current and past students through the CWAC Academy Community.

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